Understanding your results

Your healthcare provider will receive and discuss your results, as well as further screening or testing options to consider, if appropriate.

Your results will tell your healthcare provider whether there is an increased chance your baby will have a condition because of too many or too few chromosomes, or due to chromosomes having extra or missing pieces.

It is recommended that clinical decisions are not made based on these screening results alone. If a definitive diagnosis is desired, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis should be considered.

The report provided to your healthcare provider will include one of three possible results for chromosomes:

  • No Aneuploidy Detected — This means the expected number of chromosomes were found. The result indicates low chance for chromosome related conditions.
  • Aneuploidy Detected — This means an extra or missing copy of a chromosome has been identified. This result can indicate an increased chance for chromosome related conditions. Your healthcare provider may advise a diagnostic test for confirmation.
  • Aneuploidy Suspected — This is a borderline result, which occurs infrequently, and suggests there might be an extra copy of a chromosome present. Your healthcare provider may advise a diagnostic test for confirmation.

Sex chromosomes will be reported as either No Aneuploidy Detected or Aneuploidy Detected. For single pregnancies it will also show the sex of the baby Male (XY) or Female (XX). Learn more about sex chromosomes on ‘Learning the sex of your baby.’

Learn what an aneuploidy is under ‘How does the screening work’.

Does a ‘negative’ result mean that my baby will be perfectly healthy?

If the screening result is No Aneuploidy Detected, it indicates a low‑chance result, it does not completely rule out all potential issues with your baby’s chromosomes.

Although Illumiscreen is a highly reliable, non-invasive and advanced screening tool, no test can guarantee 100% that your baby will not have any other medical or physical condition.

Detailed discussion with your healthcare provider who referred your test, before and after testing is recommended.

When should I expect my result?

5 – 7 business days from sample arrival at our Auckland laboratory in Mount Wellington.

Find out more about the test process under ‘How to get your screen’.

How do I receive my results?

Our laboratory will provide results directly to the healthcare provider who completed your screening request form. Your provider will discuss the results with you. You can request a copy of the results from your healthcare provider.