Genetic counselling

Illumiscreen is supported by genetic specialists who can provide specialised genetic counselling, information, education and supportive counselling on potential outcomes from the results of your non-invasive prenatal screen. If your result requires it then genetic councillors will contact your referring practitioner to discuss the further testing options such as diagnostic testing. The genetic councillors are also able to discuss your results directly with you if requested.

Meet the Genetic Specialists

Jenny and Kim are registered Genetic Counsellors and cofounders of Clinical Genetics Auckland which started in 2015.  Jenny and Kim can advise LMC’s and patients on the implications of a  high risk Non invasive prenatal screening (NIPS) result and explain options for further testing including why an amniocentesis is usually advised. 

Jenny Eaton

Jenny completed her MSc in Genetic Counselling in 2000 and certified as a fellow of the Human Genetic Society of Australasia in 2007. Jenny works in all areas of Genetic Counselling and has a special interest in the genetics of breast cancer, pre-implantation & prenatal genetic diagnosis and screening and cardiac genetics.  In addition to working at Clinical Genetics Auckland she has worked at Auckland City Hospital for over 20 years where she is currently a Senior Genetic Counsellor.

Kimberley Gamet

Kim gained her UK registration as a Genetic Counsellor in 2006, and following her move to NZ, subsequently certified as a Fellow of the Human Genetic Society of Australasia in 2007. Kim works in all areas of Genetic Counselling with a special interest in prenatal genetics and cancer genetics. Kim has also worked at Genetic Health Service NZ based at Auckland Hospital for 16 years