Dr Carol Siu – Genetic Pathologist

Dr Carol Siu is a medical specialist in Molecular Genetics and Chemical Pathology. After completing her medical degree in the University of Hong Kong, she started her Pathology training at Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong and has obtained the Genetics and Chemical Pathology Fellowship from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and the Hong Kong College of Pathologists. She is also a Fellow in Molecular Genetics of the Royal College of Pathologists. During her training Dr Siu completed a PhD in Genetics & Genomics at the University Hong Kong.

Dr Siu started working in New Zealand since 2015. She works at Labtests for the Illumiscreen prenatal screening service. Currently she also works as a Chemical Pathologist in LabPlus at Auckland City Hospital. Her special interest includes noninvasive prenatal testing, molecular genetics of inherited diseases, biochemical genetics & inborn errors of metabolism and newborn screening and she has over 25 scientific publications on these areas.